OBAC atex, jednostka notyfikowana, świadectwo energetyczne, oznakowanie CE, szkolenia ISO

About the company

The “OBAC” Institute for Research and Certification Ltd. is one of the private, few in number in Poland, Certification body of financial and organizational autonomy.

Since 1997 we have been specializing in research, product conformity assessment, approval procedures, and in evaluation of organizational and technological conditions required for constant and repeatable manufacture , as well as for repair of machines and equipment.

We also perform the assessment of management systems in manufacture and service companies, and open trainings within design, implementation, maintenance and improvements.

The “OBAC” Institute is a Notified Body allocated the European Commission identification number 1461 within five directives.

To fulfil the market demands, the “OBAC” Institute continuously expands its services by development of laboratories, and its competence by new standards and directives.

The area of the “OBAC” Institute activity is still enlarging, including customers from many European Union countries.

The “OBAC” Institute employs specialists of different industries with many-year’s experience in designing, manufacture, implementation and operation of products, this ensuring the highest level of services performed.

In order to ensure adequate professionalism of our services, and to inform our clients in advance about any changes of technical-law requiments, the research and technological staff of “OBAC” Institute continuously improve their professional qualification by wide-range specialistic training carried out in Poland and abroad.

As the Notified Body we take part in the working groups within the notification granted in the individual EU directives.

The “OBAC” Institute is covered by the civil liability insurance effected with Powszechny Zakłąd Ubezpieczeń S.A. in Gliwice, Policy No.: AG 0590765.

The place of the “OBAC” Institute permanent headquarters is in Gliwice, ul.Jasna 31, Poland.
The “OBAC” is included in the National Court Register for the town of Gliwice (Economy Department X) under the number KRS 0000161774.

NIP: 631-21-53-136
REGON: 273725355

We are not involved in any design or manufacture activity, therefore our certification activity is absolutely unbiased and confidential.